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Agile Transformation

Most coaches only focus on the inner boxes of Delivery and Execution, a few emphasize Discovery as well. However, focusing on leadership and management and the organizational context of culture, structure, processes, and environment within which teams exist are key to obtaining dramatic improvements in delivery effectiveness, significant reductions in lead times and cycle times, and heightened responsiveness to change.

We assess your organization’s practices, disciplines, and culture and in collaboration with you produce a roadmap, develop your leadership capabilities, get alignment and ensure that the right mindset is in place, and facilitate the organizational changes needed to promote a culture of learning, innovation, and continuous improvement throughout your organization.

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​Transform your business -- operations, product and development, working together as one integrated agile team -- and drive towards purpose via continuous innovation, discovery, delivery, learning and improvement.

From years of experience, we've found that lasting transformation can be achieved only when the existing environment, culture, leadership styles, and organizational structures support the change initiative; consequently, involving managers is critical to success.