Lean Discovery and Innovation

Companies everywhere are trying to implement Agile practices and frameworks but most are not achieving the results they initially expected. And often times coaching doesn't have much of a positive impact either as evidenced by the large number of failed agile transformations. This is due to: (1) mistakenly focusing on tools and processes and not paying attention to the working lives of the people doing the work, and (2) focusing on the team without considering the ecosystem within which it operates.

We've been successfully delivering Agile projects and coaching teams, managers, and leaders for over 15 years and this experience makes us one of a handful of exceptionally experienced, pragmatic, and nimble agile coaches. 

We bring to bear our practical knowledge gained from years of "in-the-trenches" agile experience to help your teams achieve the consistently high-performance levels that are the hallmark of good agile teams. But teams don't become hyper-productive by themselves – we work with managers and leaders to create an environment that is open and safe for experimentation and the learning that comes from that. This serves as the engine for sustained improvement and an increased ability of the organization to rapidly respond to change.

We've found that lasting transformation can be achieved only when the existing environment, culture, leadership styles, and organizational structures support the change initiative; consequently, involving managers is critical to success.

Our experience has shown us that we must pay attention to a number of areas for lasting change -- determining the right things to build and deliver, improving our delivery process, enhancing the skills needed for interacting with customers and determining their needs, enhancing delivery team capabilities, encouraging a catalytic leadership style, and enabling leaders to create structures of fulfillment that enable teams to improve and succeed. Lastly, it is crucially important for everyone to operate from a place of responsibility, i.e., taking ownership and constantly trying to improve themselves, their teams, and their environment.

When we work with you we help improve each facet – delivery, discovery, execution, leadership, and organization – necessary for successful delivery of product. This takes time but we like to work ourselves out of the job as quickly as possible – the sooner you can succeed on your own the better! If you are starting on your agile transformation journey, we emphasize the inner blocks of Discovery, Delivery, and Execution; if you are already well on your way, we focus more on Scaling, Organization Design, and Leadership Agility.

Purposeful Change Management

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Lean-Agile Delivery

Leaders that succeed with organizational transformation are those who (a) have a clear vision and can engage and inspire people towards that vision, and (b) design environments -- rules and policies, practices and processes, leadership styles, beliefs and values, behaviors, culture, structures, physical arrangements, etc. -- within which success can be achieved. Our coaches work with leaders to practice and develop these skills and help managers move from tactical problem solvers to supportive servant leaders.

Leadership and Organizational Design

In the rapidly changing marketplace, it is becoming imperative for companies to quickly adapt their business model and products to changing customer needs. Combining coaching and guidance in lean startup, business model generation, lean UX, customer development, experiment mapping, and other discovery approaches we enable you to continuously learn about your customers and markets, and make better product decisions.

Our coaches are experienced in a variety of agile and lean product delivery approaches. We select the most relevant aspects from the popular agile frameworks like SAFe, Scrum, XP, Kanban, and others and tailor them for your company to help you achieve your business goals. We guide you as you experiment, learn and refine your delivery approach.

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​Transform your business -- operations, product and development, working together as one integrated agile team -- and drive towards purpose via continuous innovation, discovery, delivery, learning and improvement.


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We don't just tell you what to do. Instead, we prefer to demonstrate the new techniques and lead from the front, then transition to giving support, offering suggestions, and providing guidance. Finally, we mentor on an as-needed basis while giving the team freedom to self-organize and chart their own course.

Lean-Agile Execution

A transformation can be challenging due to the amount of change needed and also in determining where to start and how to get it all done. We provide a powerful set of techniques to quickly clarify your purpose and objectives, simplify the strategy, and identify the next measurable improvements to bring immediate impact to your company. We teach the techniques, facilitate workshops, and enable managers and leaders to lead the change strategy themselves.

Many companies investing in agile "adoption" get an initial bump in productivity but further improvements stall. They often lose sight of purpose and the outcomes they are intended to achieve and have not taught good problem solving techniques. Opportunities to get the greatest value from agile approaches are often missed. This simple health check looks at multiple levels to learn about your transformation’s impact, effectiveness, risks, and opportunities to improve.

Lean-Agile Transformation Health Check