There are very few individuals that I can say have had a completely selfless and compassionate hunger to see others succeed. I am proud to add Alex to that list.

His patience and leadership empowered an engineering team to think about "what is possible", pushing not only the boundaries of technology, but also challenging the status quo and tribal knowledge that invades all large organizations.

Through his coaching, Alex provided a toolset that we took, iterated on and developed patterns that laid the foundation for a highly performing Cloud Engineering team. With enormous input from Alex, we built the first DevOps cross-functional team, adopting Kanban as our framework of choice, and together we adopted a highly effective and streamlined agile process taking business needs and requirements and driving architecture through to deployment and operations in a matter of days.

It is safe to say, that had I not met Alex I would be on a very different, and less fulfilling path than I am now. I practice and have iterated on what Alex and I developed, with a large portion of my success now being down to the investment Alex made in not just my team, but me personally as an individual.

A Few Of our Happy CLients

... a great strategic partner

​Transform your business -- operations, product and development, working together as one integrated agile team -- and drive towards purpose via continuous innovation, discovery, delivery, learning and improvement.

John English, Agile Coach/Evangelist, (Company Withheld)

Alex was a great strategic partner, as an Agile coach, in our organization's lean-agile transformation. He was key in getting our first set of Agile teams organized, in providing them guidance and support, working with the PMO in gauging and reporting progress, and in instituting an enablement team to resolve systemic impediments. I would be happy to work with Alex again.

​Jon Hathaway, Founder & CEO at HATech LLC

... He was instrumental in my Agile journey ... 

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... had I not met Alex I would be on a very different, and less fulfilling path than I am now ... 

Alex is a results-oriented manager that demands excellence from the technical teams he manages. Projects under his watch consistently "WOW" customers due to the extraordinary blend of speed-to-market, quality, and tight alignment with business objectives. I have personally benefited from the strong branding and image that came as a direct result of Alex's high standards for excellence in workmanship.

... he has been an invaluable mentor in my professional journey ... 

I consider Alex to be among a rare breed of Lean/Agile practitioners in the community. His knowledge of Organizational Agility Transformation is profound but his mindset is what makes him so special. Alex has been an invaluable mentor in my professional journey. He is a rare catalytic leader in action, in virtue, and exemplifies the very principles and values that constitute the very heartbeat of Agility.

Over the past year and a half, our organization launched many lean-agile transformations throughout the company. In doing so, I had the opportunity to work with many coaches. Without a doubt, Alex was right at the top of the list. As a coach, he exhibited great leadership, coaching and interpersonal skills. His experience, knowledge and ability to carefully lead organizations through significant change resulted in many seamless and successful transitions to lean-agile adoption. I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

David Hersey, CTO, Leap Forward

Keith Baldwin, Product Management, International Game Technology

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Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 US

Over the past year our organization has undergone a large cultural shift as we have moved away from a traditional waterfall development process to agile. As we have gone through this transition, Alex has been a great coach and mentor, reminding us when we fall back into old habits and providing us with advice and recommendations along the way to help us stay on the right path to achieve success in our projects.

John Bottiglieri, Agile Coach/Evangelist, Program Manager at Medicity

Myra Salinas, Director, Digital Technology Delivery for Thermo Fisher Scientific

... exhibited great leadership, coaching, and interpersonal skills 

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Projects under his watch consistently "WOW" customers ... 

Alex has been a great coach and mentor ... 

Jeff McGuire, President, Fortis Talent, LLC

I worked with Alex on an Agile Transformation effort that included creating and delivering foundational Agile/Scrum training to many people throughout our organization and Agile/Scrum coaching/mentoring to help new Scrum teams to get started and off the ground. He was instrumental in my Agile journey in showing me the ropes and getting me completely hooked on Scrum and Agile. He helped me and others to understand that it’s not about doing Agile, it’s about being more Agile - to continually improve the way we work to frequently deliver high quality software to customers so that they can validate it’s business value.