Companies everywhere are adopting new practices and approaches but most are struggling to realize the gains originally anticipated. We help clients focus on results over "methodology" adoption. All methodologies leave much unsaid; we help you fill in the blanks and ensure that the suggested approach works for you in your environment.

We help clients succeed by helping them adopt a "whole systems" perspective of the organization. While most Agile frameworks limit their focus to the Discovery and Delivery aspects, that in our view is insufficient. 

5. Self-Sufficiency

Our Five Guiding Tenets

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When it comes to transforming an organization to Agile, it is far too easy to get caught up in the details of implementing a methodology and its associated practices and lose sight of what you are really trying to achieve and why, i.e., realizing desired value quickly.

The goal of a transformation should never be to implement a specific agile framework; rather, the goal should always be to get better at achieving the value that matters to the organization. Having well-defined outcomes and a plan for achieving those outcomes is key to keeping the transformation effort on track.

Achieving organizational agility involves deliberately improving the following (in order):

  1. Visibility
  2. Predictability
  3. Time-to-market (Flow)
  4. Value / Outcome driven
  5. Organizational Agility

All steps are underpinned by cycles of: assessing, defining the improvement strategy, training, and coaching.​​

2. Framework Agnostic View

1. Focus on Outcomes and Impact

We help our clients focus on solving problems blocking them from reaching their desired outcomes and to not waste time and energy tackling issues that are not hindering them from reaching their goals.​

​Transform your business -- operations, product and development, working together as one integrated agile team -- and drive towards purpose via continuous innovation, discovery, delivery, learning and improvement.

​We do not sell you any specific tools, nor do we push a single methodology on you. We customize and tailor our services to fit your situation, aiming for immediate improvements in your results. We take the best elements from various Agile and Lean approaches to create a tailored approach that works for you in your context.​

Our Approach

We help clients achieve their desired outcomes, not just help them implement a particular framework. Every client is unique with different problems, different opportunities, and a unique set of circumstances. Consequently, each engagement is unique.

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Change is hard and aiming for perfection at the start of a change initiative makes it exponentially harder -- the scale of change can be demotivating and enthusiasm sapping.

A better approach is to understand the end goal, but work towards the next incremental improvement. People can better handle a series of small changes and each small accomplishment reinforces their self-confidence and desire for further improvements. We, therefore, advocate an incremental approach to improvements over a riskier push for wholesale revolutionary change.

3. Holistic Approach

By focusing on outcomes first, we strive to ensure that every incremental change introduced has a significant impact that can be measured. Our focus on building problem solving capabilities and encouraging experimentation and learning ensures that future changes made will lead to better results for our clients.

We believe that our primary goal is to bring clients to a point of self-sufficiency and to make ourselves unnecessary as quickly as possible. We believe that long term dependence on external coaches works against clients becoming truly agile and prevents them from succeeding on their own in the future. We value working with our clients in ways that leave them more capable of continuously improving free of outside consultants. As such we emphasize developing client capabilities (over simply delivering projects or blindly implementing practices) swiftly. This also means that there needs to be a renewed emphasis on people and their development over an unhealthy focus on tools and processes​.

While improving one activity in the series of activities needed to transform inputs into finished deliverables might increase efficiency of that activity, it often does nothing to improve the effectiveness of the process -- it might actually worsen the overall situation. Unlike manufacturing, software development isn't just a sequential set of activities but an interconnected network where each step can affect other steps. Consequently, the occurrence of unanticipated outcomes.

Additionally, including leadership, management, and operations in the agile transformation journey is key to sustaining any improvements made.

4. Incremental Improvements

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